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Bridget C. Wilson is a highly acclaimed landscape designer known for her expertise in historic garden renovations and formal garden designs. With a deep connection to the environment and a meticulous attention to detail, Bridget has earned a reputation as one of the most promising talents in the field across the United States.


Her recent success includes the restoration and renovation of the iconic "Serpentine Garden" originally crafted by Paul and Bunny Mellon. Bridget's unwavering commitment to seeing a project through from inception to completion, along with her profound knowledge of flowers and plants, allows her to create breathtaking landscapes that showcase the natural beauty of each individual plant.


Working alongside a team of independent landscape artisans and horticulturalists who share her vision and beliefs, Bridget brings unparalleled skill and beauty to every project. Her exceptional talent in creating stunning plant combinations, with a keen eye for color, texture, and form, further enhances the overall design and leaves a lasting impression on all who experience her gardens.


In addition to her expertise in landscape design, Bridget is also the founder of a small cut flower , a venture that offers a delightful array of flower bouquets for delivery and sale. With a carefully curated selection of tulips, daffodils, dahlias, and chrysanthemums, as well as specialty plants and plugs, Native Bloom aims to provide individuals with the means to cultivate their own personal gardens of floral splendor. Bridget's love for flowers and her dedication to preserving their beauty is evident in every aspect of her work.


With a specialization in historic garden renovations and a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing environments, Bridget Wilson continues to captivate clients with her exquisite floral designs and dedication to preserving the beauty of nature.

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Antje, Middleburg, VA

“My Mom just called and is trying to catch her breath. The flowers took her breath away! "
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